Sunday Funday Faq

Can any school Participate?

Any school or non for profit organization in Miami Dade county can participate as long as they commit promoting the fundraising program for their school to their families & community.


How does a school or organization promote the program?

The school cam promote the program to their families/community via email, newsletter, posting it on their school website, social media, Edline, handouts and/pr posters/reminders posted at school.


How does a school earn funds?

Once your school is enrolled in Sunday Funday all you have to do is promote the program to your families and friends.  Every Sunday they can purchase a deal and choose your school at checkout.  You will get a percentage of all the buyers that choose your school.

Does the buyer have to be from a particular school?

No.  Anyone can choose your school on Sunday.  For example, friends of your families, their friends, alumnae.


When does the school get paid?

Participating schools will get paid quarterly, 3x per year  Proof of promotion (a simple screen shot) is required for funds to be released.


How much can a school expect to earn?

Schools will make a percentage of the profits for each deal.  The total amount raised depends on the size of the student body and how well a school communicates with their families.  There are approximately 40 Sunday’s in the academic school year.  A school can easily earn $100-$300 per Sunday if they promote the program.  This program DOES NOT work if you don’t promote.


Can we suggest a merchant we may want to see on your site?

Yes, if you have a local merchant and would like to see a deal that you think your families would like, send us an emailto and we will contact &  negotiate a deal with the local merchant.

If you would like to be a part of this easy, exciting, fun & innovative way of fundraising for your school you can reach us at: Contact Us and get your school or organization on our list for the 2013-2014 academic school calendar.  

To enroll in the program please send an email to